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Improving YOU: 7 Ways Acai Promotes Healthy Skin

Acai Lists Skin Care



Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you've probably heard of this Brazilian berry and its antioxidant qualities.

When it comes to anti-aging ingredients, experts suggest that antioxidants reign in reversing the effects of the inevitable signs of aging - unless you are Benjamin Button and age backwards, that is.

Acai has become all the rage for this very reason. This superfood, as it has been called, is packed with nutritional value, containing:

  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Proteins
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3
  • Fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9

ALL of which contribute to healthy looking skin!

There is a reason these tiny berries have become so popular, not only taken as a fruit itself, or as a drink, but also as an addition to skincare products.

Another great thing about this superfruit is that when the oil is processed and stored long-term, the antioxidant levels remain high. In most cases, time and exposure to light and air can gradually diminish antioxidant effectiveness in skin care formulas, but acai has proven to be resistant to this effect!

This is why it is very important to choose a skincare regimen that contains the proven antioxidant properties found in acai if you want to achieve that youthful appearance we all dream of.

So, without further ado, here are the 7 reasons why you should definitely add acai products to your skincare regimen:

1. Minimizes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

One of the contributors to skin wrinkling and aging are substances in the body known as free radicals, or oxidants. Free radicals are emitted when your body breaks down food. They're also taken in when your body is exposed to harmful irritants such as cigarette smoke, air pollution, or sun damage.

Enter the acai berry's anthocyanin content.

So you say you're not a scientist? Antho-what?

Don't feel bad. We'll explain!

Anthocyanin is a phytochemical. Duh!

Didn't help? Ok.

Phythochemicals are the chemical compounds within the fruit that give acai its deep shade of purple, and it has been found that the anthocyanin content in the fruit is a big contributor to making it an antioxidant-rich food.

This, combined with the vitamin C that naturally occurs within the berry are what may help slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You know how they say you shouldn't eat any ingredient you can't pronounce? Well, in some cases, that might not ring true.

Say it with me: an-tho-cy-a-nin!

2. Increases Collagen Production

Remember those free radicals we talked about earlier?

Well, when free radicals damage the body, they also break down collagen proteins in the body. Collagen is responsible for helping the skin maintain its elasticity and strengthens the skin’s barrier response. These properties are what help your skin to appear more supple and young.

By applying an acai-infused cream that can seep into the dermal layers of skin, the antioxidants can neutralize free radicals and allow collagen production to continue giving you a more youthful look.

3. Eliminates Acne

People with acne problems often find solutions to their skin maintenance issues that end up producing disappointing results.

Acai can potentially provide the answer they seek.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help tame the redness and swelling symptoms typically associated with acne. They are also filled with Omega 3 fatty acids, which help support the overall structure and firmness of the skin, as well as vitamins and minerals that protect connective tissues.

What all of this means is that acai's components may help nourish the skin of those who feel like nature dealt them a bad hand.

4. Reduces Skin Discolorations

Skin discolorations and age spots (known as solar lentigines in the medical community in case you want to impress your friends with a fancy term) are harmless brown, gray or black colored spots that appear on the skin.

These spots occur when sun exposure speeds up melanin--a skin pigment--in the body. Over time, this melanin becomes more clumped together, resulting in age spots.

Antioxidants in skin care products, particularly vitamin C, have been shown to offer benefits in the realm of reducing the melanin pigmentation on the age spot.

Translation: The benefits found in acai-infused lotions, body oils and soaps may help lighten age spots and improve the skin's appearance.

 5. Promotes Wound Healing

As you probably know by now, acai contains a variety of nutrients beneficial to one's skin, including vitamin C.

But, we've covered that, haven't we?

What we haven't covered is how the vitamin C found in acai is essential to the formation of new connective tissue in a healing wound.

Along with the formation of collagen (outlined as a benefit above), vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant and immune system modulator.

6. Nourishes Dry Skin

If you've ever participated in the Color Run, you know how much engaging in trendy events can dry your skin.

Whether you're having healthy doses of powder flung at you, or you simply were born with chronically dry skin or eczema, acai is here for you!

Raw, flaky or itchy skin can benefit from acai. The vitamin E and fatty acids present in the berries are excellent at providing nutrients that will help repair damaged skin and aid in preventing further dryness and irritation.

Applying a skincare product containing a good amount of acai directly to afflicted skin and massaging in gently can provide relief and encourage healing.

Proper moisturizing is more than half the battle when it comes to overall skin health and maintenance.

7. Reduces Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are often an issue for many pregnant women.

The vitamin E in acai (hey, that rhymes!) provides ideal protection against stretch marks, sagging and puckered skin after birth.

In addition to these awesome preventative measures, it increases the elasticity of skin therefore reducing the likelihood of developing stretch marks.

The Verdict

This stuff is awesome!

Incorporating the right antioxidants to your skincare routine as well as your diet can have a positive effect on your skin because what’s good for your skin is also good for your body! Let's all thank Mother Nature for this gift.

Thanks Mother Nature!

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